Distinctive Supply.
Amenities, amiably.™
The Client
A hotel amenities firm with a boutique vibe, Distinctive Supply wanted their brand aesthetics to represent that and more.
The Approach

Opting for a hybrid of luxury elements and subtle curvature, we captured an iconic look and feel, while appealing to the B to B market in a sophisticated way. Every aspect of the Distinctive Supply brand exudes perfection, with a curated vibe that represents the upscale brands they stock.

Project Type
Art direction, Copywriting, Brand identity, Web UI/UX, Web Development.
While monotone was the color of choice, bold contrasts of color and shape epitomizes the brand. From its black and white color blocking to its bold D and curvy subliminal S, each element conveys luxury in a most defined way.
Using psychological associations and typogrophy choices to go along with them, we placed great emphsis on curated brand elements and an icon that would bode well in every orientation.
Brand recognition speaks volumes at Distinctive Supply, in a concise and consistent manner.

Client says: “An undeniably sophisticated vibe has elevated everything we do and how we do it. I felt that throughout this project my vision was executed to the max.”