Abode by ABD.

Design with Purpose.™

abode store
The Client

Abode is the strategic arm within the Accentuations parent brand, particularly associated with the interior design communities, custom furniture space, and high end markets. Its flagship space is located within the bustling Central Avenue, amongst some of Cedarhurst’s finest brands. 

The Approach

Uniquely identifying to its broader markets outside the Accentuations’ communities, Abode’s brand reach and marketing vision would encompass broad based PR, as seen in the Architectural Digest, at Abode’s truly luxurious events, and within its prominent brand culture. 

Project Type

Layout, Copy and Print design. Architectural Digest Magazine.

Italy Campaign

We’ve brought to life the European inspirations and the actual furniture revelations, from inspo to install.
Mobile App

We’ve taken the Abode brand across an all new technology spectrum by pairing color tech with interior design. The Abode Color Reader and coordinating app are the start of something truly unique. Merging color tools, color pairing, color storing, and project images + notes in a localized hub, designers and DIYers can prep, pair and create with a streamlined process.

Designer’s platform

A dedicated webpage to Abode’s design community provides Color Reading direction, a broad plethora of samples and swatches, as well as unique scheduling applications, with more to come as we continue to introduce design innovations.


The Abode blog has been formed to provide actual Design Dialogues, trend guides, and walkthroughs of actual projects. 

Client says

Hello feels more like an in house CMO than a company. They think of the details and connect to the root of the brand in every phase.”