Accentuations By Design.

Design with Purpose.™

The Client

As a multifaceted and multi-tiered brand, the approach would be to unify the marketing across all locations, as well as to distinguish itself with a luxury appeal from its web, social media, advertising, local media, design magazines, client experiences and event sponsorships.

The Approach

Accentuations by Design is a brand with a far reaching demographic, providing luxury and custom furniture to discerning clients for over 40 years. Aside from a forward thinking initiative with its custom design model, the brand has evolved to boast 4 locations and a deep seated mission.-

Project Type

Layout and Print design.

Seasonal Ads

We’ve unveiled the story behind the pieces with a seasonal series that personified custom.
Condo Series campaign
We’ve taken a step back and approached furniture from a family perspective, revealing the back story of 5 families in identical spaces.

Along with its showroom expansions, came a series of branding and advertising campaigns.

Immersive print material

We’ve designed a Holiday sourcebook with an immersive design, initiating the page break with a feel of opening a breakfront furniture piece. Such is the power of transformative marketing.